2 Million FSN Open Source Campaign — Progress Report November 19

Fusion kicked off its exciting ‘2 Million FSN campaign’ on Wednesday the 16th of October! The campaign is inclusive and open to anyone who wants to earn some FSN, before participating in any of the tasks, you must register to join the fsn.dev community using this Google form.

A) Reward Distributions for Fast Growing Open Source Community
Fusion Foundation has received 486 applications (at time of writing) from all over the world!

B) Progress report on the active tasks!
Exciting progress to share on all of the live campaigns of the relevant tasks where great progress has been made!

C) Positive traction on community driven proposals!
Chinese representatives of the Fusion Open Source Community are absolutely killing it, making good progress on their community inspired endeavours.

A) Reward Distributions for Fast Growing Open Source Community

For those that have completed the application but have not received their reward, please contact @TylerL11 on Telegram who can help you complete the registration step-by-step.

Submission Stats

  1. Content creator (content writing, editing, online documentation) — 63 submissions received.
  2. Designer (UI, logo, poster, video, promotional materials) 109 submissions received.
  3. Developer (app, web, backend, etc. code development, testing, release) 136 submissions received.
  4. Researcher (research sharing technology content) 34 submissions received.
  5. Early Adopter (FSN public chain and application depth of use and creativity, etc.) 5 submissions received.
  6. Translator (content translation) 53 submissions received.
  7. Operation and maintenance management (website, server, publishing, etc.) 17 submissions received.
  8. Community Ambassador (activity organization, service support, communication and communication) 68 submissions received.

The numbers continue to grow rapidly compared with the 416 applications that were reported last week.

B) Progress report on the tasks offered by Fusion Foundation

Participant: @kernel

Progress: @kernel is developing an easy-to-use mobile wallet geared towards more mainstream audiences and new adopters of cryptocurrency.

The first phase of development is already well underway.

  1. The wallet development team are focused on creating a seamless time-lock staking experience on Fusion that mainstream audiences can understand and participate in.
  2. The wallet will include basic functions such as send and receive receive tokens.
  3. Users will be given/choose a username rather than a string of numbers to reduce complexity.

DCRM Application

Schematic of key shards for protecting and recovering private key. One shard sits with the user, One shard sits with wallet provider, and one shard sits in user controlled safe. Any transaction requires 2 of 3 signatures.

Progress: A multi-currency DCRM wallet is current in development. Good progress is underway after the project began last week.

  1. The DCRM wallet will be named the ‘DCRM Private Key Box’ (translated from Chinese).
  2. The DCRM SDK port parameters will be communicated to the team later this week. The solution adopts DCRM and 2/3 threshold design.
  3. A version is being developed for PC, user interface design is already currently being worked through.

Call for Time-lock Articles

Progress: 3 people have signed up to participate in the time-lock content generation bounty. Let’s wait and see!

Community logo design

The community was challenge to develop a logo that represents the Fusion Open Source Community spirit and embodies its values of innovation, freedom and collaboration. 16 community members have submitted logos as part of this competition with a total of 36 logos received.

Fusion is determining the right voting tool to use that is inclusive to all community members. We will advise on the timing an method for voting in the near future.

Document Translation
Participants: @alpha7b;@shiyaowen2;@Yiixun;@shumu;@KenianShi;

Congratulations to the participants who successfully translated a total of 12 documents from English to Chinese. The translated articles all passed a review from the Fusion team. 20,000FSN (time locked for three months) were distributed on November 15 to the participants. We would like to express our immense gratitude to those who supported and worked hard on these translations!

Click on the link to view the translated articles:

  1. How to extract time value from FSN tokens
  2. Distributed Private Key Fragments
  3. Fusion’s DCRM Open-Source Technology Explained Part One
  4. Fusion’s DCRM Open-Source Technology Explained Part Two
  5. USAN: Short Account Addresses
  6. Time Locked Use Case 1 — Lending
  7. Time Locked Use Case 2 — Bank Acceptance
  8. LILO Function Explained
  9. Fusion Wallet Interface Documentation
  10. JSON RPC Interface
  11. Fusion Time-Lock Function
  12. Time-Lock Innovation Extended

SDK development


Golang SDK developed by @Cross-Chain and @KenianShi

  1. Mongosync supports fast block synchronization, decoding the special data in the block and transaction on the FUSION chain;
  2. Fsn-cli supports offline build transactions and supports common online queries;
  3. Fsn-api is developing the query function, and most of the interfaces have been sorted out and sorted out. The query function is expected to be developed this week. The next plan is to develop transaction-related functions.

Code repository: https://github.com/fsn-dev/fsn-go-sdk

Java SDK developed by @huhaichao

  1. The query interface has already been developed
  2. Transfers of FSN tokens, offline signature, broadcast transaction has been developed.
  3. Transactions related to offline signatures currently under development

Code repository: https://github.com/huhaichao/fsnj-sdk/

Python SDK developed by @marcelcure

Code repository: https://github.com/FUSIONFoundation/web3fsnpy

3) Progress Report on the Community Inspired and Driven Tasks

Open source community website development

Progress: Under the leadership of community member Ragawa, the development of the Fusion Open Source Community (FOSC) has come along way. The website is to serve as a ‘task board’ to share new campaigns, a place to display a leaderboard of who has earned the most rewards and a place to view the latest contributions.

Functions that have been developed

  1. Home module — The homepage design has been completed. The copy is still in draft with further refinements expected.
  2. Registration module — Supports user email registration and email verification
  3. Login module — Supports user Github login, support user name, password login.
  4. Retrieve password module — Supports users to retrieve passwords via email.

Functions currently under development

  1. Technical article module — Module to display and mange technical articles.
  2. Development document module — Module to design technical documents.

Functions scheduled for development

  1. Forum module
  2. Task release module
  3. User centre module
  4. International support

FSN block browser development


  1. The team have completed backend frameworks and is now ready to tackle the user interface. The component content is on the github/katesroad branch.
  2. The current version of the front end takes inspiration form EtherScan, more to develop on this frontxt.

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