2 Million FSN - Open Source Community Campaign!

How to Make a Project Infinite

Technical innovations are changing the world as we know it. In 2008, the Bitcoin whitepaper was released by Satoshi Nakamoto whose contribution to the bitcoin community is undeniable. However, the success of the bitcoin movement also belongs to the open-source community that supported the network, first adopted the technology and contributed to its development.

Today, the Fusion blockchain also benefits from the power of the open-source community, but more contributors are required and incentives need to be redefined to motivate individuals to participate.

To harness the potential of the open-source community, Fusion Foundation has established the 2 Million FSN campaign! Fusion believes that the community has the capacity to significantly help lead the project into the future. We want to vigorously promote the sustainable development of the open-source community and leverage the diverse range of skills possessed by community members.


Just like the “X-Men” in the Marvel Comics, we want to assemble a team/community of contributors that possess strong, unique and diverse skills.

Whether you are a developer, researcher, tester, early adopter, designer, content creator, product manager, translator, staker or anything else, we want you on our team.

There are lots of highly intelligent and knowledgeable potential contributors scattered around the world waiting to be unleashed, we want to enable them with the right tools and incentives to canvas their participation. And so, we are allocating 2 Million FSN tokens to activate this program and grow our open-source community.


The 2 Million FSN campaign supports a whole host of activities across various functions, including product design, article translation, programming competitions, meet-up organisation, hosting hackathons, developer conferences, staking, app development and more.

Just joining the Fusion open-source community can earn you 2000 FSN (time-locked for 3 months)! And an early bird registration reward of up to 2400 FSN (time-locked for 3 months) If you register before October 31, 24:00, Shanghai time. Additional FSN can be earned through referrals, with a 400 FSN (time-locked for 3 months) bonus if your referee registers for the campaign.

Registration campaign

To get started with registration and earn your first reward, please complete the below Google Form.

English Community form — https://forms.gle/cNfc3XLW9wtLe3Tq6

The Chinese community is registered through the following form:

Chinese Community Form — https://jinshuju.net/f/K8oIsG

The registration process is divided into three steps:

1. Fill in registration form, include all relevant information and provide a Github account number.

2. Join the relevant chat group, Chinese members join the Fusion WeChat group and English members joins the Fusion Developer group on Telegram.

3. Join the github.com/fsn-dev community and set up as a public member.

What activities will be included within the campaign?

Below we have a short list of example tasks that are included in the 2 Million FSN campaign, however other activities may also be eligible.

1. Content creation: content writing, editing, publishing on personal blog.

2. Designer: UX design, posters, videos, promotional materials.

3. Developers: Dapps, web pages, back-end improvements, testing and other code contributions.

4. Researcher: Research and production of technical content.

5. Translator: Content Translation.

6. Operation and maintenance management: website, server, release, etc.

7. Community Ambassadors: event organization, service support, communication.

8. Legal counsel supporters: community legal counsel support.

What can you earn?

1. Registration reward pool = 200,000 FSN +

- Register to the fsn.dev community and receive 2000 FSN time-locked for 3 months (early bird receives 2400 FSN time-locked for 3 months if registers before Oct 31 24:00 Shanghai time).

- Refer a friend and earn 400 FSN time-locked for 3 months.

2. Development reward pool = 800,000 FSN.

- Write a SDK and earn 60,000 FSN time-locked for a year (180,000 FSN max earning for this task, i.e 3 SDKs).

- Build a mobile wallet and earn 200,000 FSN time-locked for a year.

- Build an application using DCRM and earn 200,000 FSN time-locked for a year.

- Build a DeFi application and earn 100,000 FSN time-locked for a year.

- Create your own development proposal and earn up to 120,000 FSN time-locked for a year.

3. Miscellaneous reward pool = 500,000 FSN.

- Activities, translations, articles, design, finding bugs, etc.

4. Regional and Institutional node development reward pool = 300,000 FSN.

- Set up a regional node in your location, at your institution, university and earn time-lock tokens.

5. Allocated budget to support community events 200,000 FSNs

- Compensation for preparation time.

- Associated operating costs required to support the event.

Audit criteria for Registration

Fake accounts and submissions will not be approved. All registration information is required to be true and valid.

1. Registered Github account requirements: Github accounts needs to be registered for more than half a year to be eligible for the reward. People registering to participate in non-technical activities like translation, design, etc can use a newly registered Github account.

2. Description of relevant skills and submission requirements: can be resume attachments, participation in Github open source projects, Linkedin address, design portfolio, previous translation experience etc.

3. Join the community requirements: Chinese members join the Fusion WeChat group and English members joins the Fusion Developer group on Telegram. Join the github.com/fsn-dev organization, and make sure you are a community public member.


Fusion Foundation is a non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance. By providing innovative companies and developers with the open source technology they need to build peer-to-peer time and value-based applications, the world will enjoy financial transactions that are more accessible, efficient and transparent than previously possible. Fusion’s seasoned team of industry veterans led by Founder and CEO DJ Qian, a blockchain pioneer who previously launched two top 20 global blockchain projects (VeChain and QTUM), is working to collaborate with financial institutions, cryptocurrency companies, businesses, peer-to-peer lenders, third-party app developers, academia, and the broader blockchain community. By providing the foundation that enables different cryptocurrency tokens, digital assets, off-chain values, and data-sources to be created and exchanged between the Fusion blockchain, other blockchains and financial systems, Fusion is moving ever closer to a globally accessible system for the free exchange of values. Visit www.fusion.org to learn more about Fusion and its partnership program.




An Exciting New Era of Cryptofinance for the Internet of Values.

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FUSION Foundation

An Exciting New Era of Cryptofinance for the Internet of Values.

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