The world of cryptocurrency is currently undergoing a cycle of NFT craze, when works of art related to NFT are sold for exorbitant amounts of money,
and projects focused on NFT perform quite well in “interchangeable” markets. The situation forces Fusion (and possibly any other cryptocurrency project) to explain, what…

Interoperability + Interoperability = Interoperability²

Fusion and Gravity (powered by Waves) are joining forces to create a broader interoperable solution for blockchains to seamlessly exchange value and information across silos.

As blockchain matures into adoption as a legitimate technological revolution, the risk of blockchain balkanization — i.e., the phenomenon of becoming a series of unconnected…

Building complete Defi applications gets one step closer to reality.

Fusion’s vision is to serve the world as the infrastructure for digital finance by solving three key problems in finance industries:

1. extract time value with financial instruments through technologically enforced time-locks

2. Break data and system silos via blockchain interoperability

3. Automate finance through data-driven smart contracts

In order…

Unlocking Future Value by Lending Present Value

Written By: John Liu and Alg Ore

The concept of Time Value stems from Time Value of Money (TVM). This financial principle describes that money in your hand today is worth more than that at some point in the future. Fusion’s founder DJ provided a good overview of Time Value…

FUSION Foundation

An Exciting New Era of Cryptofinance for the Internet of Values.

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