Bridge to Swap ERC20 FSN to BEP2 FSN for Binance DEX

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3 min readJul 23, 2019

On Monday the 22nd of July, Fusion announced that the Binance DEX validators had approved FSN to be listed on Binance Chain. The Fusionite community played a significant role in this process, supporting Fusion’s application with almost 400 votes and more than 100 comments. The FSN / BNB pair is set to begin trading on 2019/07/23 at 08:00 AM (UTC +8).

How does Binance DEX work?

To trade on Binance DEX, users need to convert their tokens from the ERC20 FSN tokens to BEP2 FSN .

BEP2 tokens are the token standard that are compatible with Binance DEX. All tokens that trade on Binance DEX are in the BEP2 standard.

Thankfully our pals at Fantom have created a really simple way to convert ERC20 standard tokens into BEP2 standard tokens using their BNB Bridge.

How does the BNB Bridge work?

Token holders can use the BNB Bridge to easily convert their FSN tokens between the ERC20 and BEP2 standards.

The following step-by-step guide will take you through the process of using the BNB bridge.

Step 1: Create a Binance Chain/BEP2 supported wallet

Head to where you will be prompted to create a new wallet that is compatible with Binance Chain and BEP2 tokens.

Step 2: Select FSN from the token dropdown box and input your ‘BNB Receive Address’.

You can find your ‘BNB receive address’ by logging into Binance Chain with your Binance Chain Wallet address that you created in Step A.

Once you have selected Fusion (FSN) and inputted your ‘BNB Receive Address’ click ‘NEXT’ and proceed the the next step.

Step 3: Send ERC20 FSN from your Ethereum wallet to the address presented in the modal. Every user will be given a unique address, do not send to the address in the image below but to the unique address given to you in the modal.

  • Make sure that you do NOT send native FSN, only ERC20 FSN is compatible with the bridge.
  • Make sure you send ERC20 FSN from a wallet to which you hold the private keys, not from an exchange account.

Once you have executed the transaction by sending your ERC20 FSN to the address that displays in your modal, wait for it to be approved on the Ethereum network. Once approved, click ‘NEXT’.

Step 4: ‘Swap Request Pending’

The Bridge is now reviewing the transaction you processed in step 3 and will update your BNB receive address once it is successful, this may take a few moments. The bellow screen will display when your transaction is approved and you will have successfully used the bridge to swap ERC20 FSN to BEP2 FSN



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