Fusion and Gravity Partner with Focus on Interoperability

Interoperability + Interoperability = Interoperability²

Complementary Pieces to Interoperability

Partnership with Action

“Gravity’s team and their unique approach to token and blockchain-agnostic infrastructure resonates with Fusion’s vision to solve inter-chain DeFi,” said Dejun Qian, Founder and CEO of Fusion. “Providing our users with expansive functionality from various ecosystems, essentially creating a strong bridge and unifying portal between two interoperability-focused ecosystems, is our main goal. Partnering with Gravity allows us to address precisely those challenges in a secure and sustainable manner.”

“Fusion’s continued productization of their interoperability protocols through DCRM alliance and Anyswap are quickly concretizing theory into a battle-tested solution for the industry. Together our teams are collaborating in our passions for interoperability and a unique approach to pivotal challenges. Paired with the rise in utilization through mass adoption Dapp WeDeFi, Fusion is a perfect partner to grow our interoperability solutions.”, said Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves Association.

About Fusion

About Gravity



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