SolidX joins Fusion’s DCRM Alliance

“We are excited to have SolidX on board, not just because of their experience with crypto, the SEC, but also their familiarity with distributed ECDSA algorithms. The Alliance will benefit from SolidX’s guidance in applications both in and outside of crypto.” — Dejun Qian, Founder and CEO of Fusion

“Distributed key management provides unparalleled security when compared with alternatives. The use of decentralized signing processes provides important privacy-preserving solutions for the global financial services industry. We’re excited to see its implementation not only in finance but also across various commercial applications.”, commented Daniel H. Gallancy, CEO of SolidX.

  1. Learn more about DCRM Alliance and our goal here.
  2. Contact us if you want to join the innovation.
  3. Want build your own threshold signature solution? Visit our Github here and use our open-source sdk.



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