The cryptocurrency industry continues to face ongoing smart contract hacks and user assets thefts. This was and remains one of the main reasons why many people are still afraid to invest in crypto currencies and use them as a store of value, accumulating them.

Exclusively created for the finance sector, the Fusion blockchain is one step ahead of all these problems and ensures additional protection for investors’ funds — The Time-Lock technology (abbreviated as TL), which currently has no analogues or competitors and is patented.

The Time-Lock technology allows any user to convert Fusion coins into TL-Fusion coins, while your…

The first Fusion halving.

Dear Fusionites!

On July 13, 2021, at block number 4915200, the first ever Fusion halving will take place. At the moment, the staking reward is on average 16%, for validator nodes — 18% Yearly Earning, according to StakingRewards
the expected reward after July 13 – 1.25 FSN per block mined, as well as the commission for transactions in the blockchain,
shared by validators.

On average, the Fusion blockchain generates 6620 blocks in a full day.
according to FsnexExplorer the average block time is 13.05 seconds. …

One of Fusion’s main goals has always been to decentralize finance, and right now it is exactly this which is the focus, decentralizing traditional finance instruments such as Futures and Options in a way that can currently only be done on the Fusion Blockchain.

Chainge Finance is building the application layer to realize it, but Fusion is what provides the base layer structure on a decentralized public blockchain and what makes it all possible is Fusion Time-Locks (which are also known as Time Slices and Time Frames).
To make it work fully a new token format called FRC758 has…

The world of cryptocurrency is currently undergoing a cycle of NFT craze, when works of art related to NFT are sold for exorbitant amounts of money,
and projects focused on NFT perform quite well in “interchangeable” markets. The situation forces Fusion (and possibly any other cryptocurrency project) to explain, what they can do for NFT. The potential for NFT in Fusion is huge, but to unleash its full potential, we must either see projects focused on NFT, that choose to deploy their business to Fusion, create a cross-chain system to move NFTs between networks.

What are the benefits for NFT-focused…


  • What’s the next big milestone for FUSION?

I am going to address this question later but in short, the next big milestone for Fusion is that we will build a cross-chain router between three networks, Fusion, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain. The release of this router is targeted for October and when it is released, tokens and coins on these three networks will be able move freely between one another.

  • I’d hate to bring this up, but to restore trust in team. Is there an update on the hack? …

Interoperability + Interoperability = Interoperability²

Fusion and Gravity (powered by Waves) are joining forces to create a broader interoperable solution for blockchains to seamlessly exchange value and information across silos.

As blockchain matures into adoption as a legitimate technological revolution, the risk of blockchain balkanization — i.e., the phenomenon of becoming a series of unconnected systems operating alongside, but siloed from, each other — is higher than ever. Due to commercial and compliance pressures, companies are building individual blockchains within their individual ecosystems, recreating the siloed environments that blockchain was meant to replace. …

Building complete Defi applications gets one step closer to reality.

Fusion’s vision is to serve the world as the infrastructure for digital finance by solving three key problems in finance industries:

1. extract time value with financial instruments through technologically enforced time-locks

2. Break data and system silos via blockchain interoperability

3. Automate finance through data-driven smart contracts

In order to realize the multi-trigger and interoperable smart contracts discussed in Fusion’s white paper, a key requirement is to have oracles that can attest to events in the physical and digital worlds. After researching numerous oracle solutions, Chainlink stood out because of its large pool of security-reviewed Sybil resistant nodes that…

Unlocking Future Value by Lending Present Value

Written By: John Liu and Alg Ore

The concept of Time Value stems from Time Value of Money (TVM). This financial principle describes that money in your hand today is worth more than that at some point in the future. Fusion’s founder DJ provided a good overview of Time Value in both money and assets at DAS in 2019 (transcript here), and how Fusion’s Time Lock protocol captures time value natively at the point of asset digitization. …

It has been a couple of months since we last checked in on the progress of Fusion Open Source Community (FOSC) but that does not mean that progress has been absent which this report will clearly show.

We are excited to see all the brilliant work being done by all developers and to thank them, FOSC has issued rewards totaling 300,000 FSN (1 year Time-Lock) for all their efforts.

Mobile Wallet Development

In an effort to make account and asset management as easy and as safe as possible @whallet has developed this mobile wallet with a focus on simplicity, making it easy for…

Fusion is pleased to welcome SolidX, one of the early innovators in the Bitcoin ecosystem, to the DCRM Alliance and its continued efforts

“We are excited to have SolidX on board, not just because of their experience with crypto, the SEC, but also their familiarity with distributed ECDSA algorithms. The Alliance will benefit from SolidX’s guidance in applications both in and outside of crypto.” — Dejun Qian, Founder and CEO of Fusion

SolidX was founded by Daniel H. Gallancy, long-time hedge fund investment professional and early bitcoin enthusiast, with the mission of providing institutional access to bitcoin. …

FUSION Foundation

An Exciting New Era of Cryptofinance for the Internet of Values.

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