Fusion blockchain technical update, November 25, 2021.

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2 min readNov 3, 2021

Release Note: Fusion v4.0.0

Fundamental change:
1. Use go module instead of vendor
2. Compile with latest golang 1.17.2

Core change:
1. Upgrade EVM to support latest OpCode, compatible with Ethereum London hardfork.
2. Some OpCode gas cost were changed, so gas cost of Smart Contract will vary according to the actual situation
3. Transaction Support Type level, (Legacy Type, Access List Type, Dynamic Tx Type)
4. Upgrade Console to support ES6 script
5. Upgrade go-leveldb to have better performance
6. Upgrade downloader / miner / trie module
7. Upgrade rlp to have better performance and support new feature

Function change:
1. Fusion Base Fee is hard code to 1gwei for now, and it will return back to miner, not burn
2. New RPC/Websocket flag replace the old one, detail below:
Old Flag, New Flag
— rpc
— http
— rpcaddr
— http.addr
— rpcport
— http.port
— rpccorsdomain
— http.corsdomain
— rpcvhosts
— http.vhosts
— rpcapi
— http.api
— wsaddr
— ws.addr
— wsport
— ws.port
— wsapi
— ws.api
— wsorigins
— ws.orgins

1. Change the default Block Gas Limit floor value from 8M to 15M. This change will take effect immediately, the block gas limit will slowly goes up from 8M to 15M depends on the network update status.
2. New dbcmd provided, allow user to analyze the level db status.
3. Remove unused module and deprecated flag.

Other change:
1. Various bug fix

How to upgrade:

1. Docker mode
If you have installed the efsn from docker already, you can update the docker image with following step:

A. Run the docker script
bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FUSIONFoundation/efsn/master/QuickNodeSetup/fsnNode.sh (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FUSIONFoundation/efsn/master/QuickNodeSetup/fsnNode.sh))

FUSION Node Manager:

An update is available, please update your node!

1. Install node and dependencies
2. Update node to current version
3. Start the node
4. Stop the node
5. Deinstall node
6. Show node logs
7. Configure node
8. Exit to shell

Select option [1–8]

b. Select option 2, to update the node to current version. It will automatically stop the node and pull the latest image from docker hub and install.

1 Manually compile from source code

a. Install the golang 1.17.2, https://golang.google.cn/doc/install (https://golang.google.cn/doc/install)

b. Download the code, git clone https://github.com/FUSIONFoundation/efsn.git (https://github.com/FUSIONFoundation/efsn.git)

c. Execute “make efsn”

You should have the latest efsn file under build/bin folder

Github Link:
https://github.com/FUSIONFoundation/efsn/releases/tag/v4.0.0 (https://github.com/FUSIONFoundation/efsn/releases/tag/v4.0.0)

Docker Repo:
https://hub.docker.com/search?q=fusionnetwork&type=image (https://hub.docker.com/search?q=fusionnetwork&type=image)


1.The Hard-Fork is expected around November 25th.

2.New code will be valid at block height 5,8 million.

We ask all validators, please update Your nodes by November 25th!

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